Saturday, March 3, 2012

My Daughter's Condition

Erika first went to the doctor last Monday and his diagnosis was stomach flu. He prescribed antibiotics, Paracetamol for pain and fever and one other pill. The last one was to be taken only when she felt stomach pain. So far, she hasn't needed the last pill.

Last Thursday, she started breaking out in rashes. My first thought was dengue so I rushed here to Iligan to check on her. She seemed fine when I arrived. Her fever had gone down and she was eating an apple with her cousin. She complained of pain during urination, however, so I decided we'd take her back to the doctor for another checkup.

The lab test showed her bacterial count as "abundant" but the doctor said that the antibiotic should take care of that. He advised that we continue with the medication. Then we mentioned the rashes.

At the time of our visit to the doctor, there was no electricity so it was a bit dark in the clinic. The doctor stood her by the window to check the rashes. I noted a look of concern on his face and I kind of worried what he'd say next. We had suspected measles since her fever had not returned but the doctor asked us to get a platelet count just to make sure. The rashes didn't look like measles to him. It looked like dengue. He told us to get a blood test and return with the results.

We had to go to the Mindanao Sanitarium and Hospital because that part of the city had electricity at that time. It's about 15 to 20 minutes away. After her blood was extracted, we waited one-and-a-half hours before getting the results. We went back to the doctor's clinic but he had left. It was already 6:30pm and there was still no electricity. He had probably forgotten that he had asked us to return.

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