Saturday, August 29, 2015

An Author's Work Is Never Done

I've been going back over my books, making corrections, creating new covers, and changing blurbs. I'm a bit disappointed at myself because I found mistakes in my books after having gone over them several times before publication. Fortunately, ebooks allow you to make corrections and re-publish them, unlike print books which are much more expensive to correct.

I've been using Microsoft Word to help me search for errors and I must say, it's a god-sent. It's not perfect though. Word has been insisting that I should use "its" in place of "it's." It made me think that I've been using "it's" incorrectly all my life. I did some research on the internet and found I had been doing it correctly. It also keeps insisting that I use the active voice (can't blame it for that). I believe there are instances where the passive voice is more appropriate. The makers of MS Word, intelligent people, are careful to say that you should "consider" using the active voice, implying that it was just a suggestion. I did, however, take their advice on several occasions.

I have also been changing covers. I make my own using MS Powerpoint, not Photoshop or any other imaging software. I've already changed Legend of the Moon and am working on Funny Stories from My Travels.

Here's a comparison; the one on the left is the old cover and on the right is the new cover.

Maybe one of these days, I'll make a post on how to make covers using MS PowerPoint. It'll be a bit of a challenge for me but rewarding as well.