Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Watching Over My Daughter

I'm in Iligan City right now, watching over my daughter.

Last Friday, she said she was feeling feverish but still attended her church's youth activity. She attended her classes on Saturday and Sunday. Finally, she felt bad enough to go to the doctor who diagnosed intestinal bacteria. Yesterday, my wife called to tell me that our daughter's fever had spiked again so left work around 12 noon and took the bus to Iligan. Normally a two hour trip, it took me more than three hours to get here because of all the road repairs being done on the highway.

By the time I arrived, she was feeling better, joking with her cousin, Kristine. She hasn't had a fever since last night but this morning complained of pain while urinating. We took her to the laboratory to have some tests. We'll be taking her to the doctor around three o'clock.

It's so difficult having a child away from home. She's living with her aunt but you can't help but worry at a time like this. I would like to have her study in Cagayan de Oro just so we can keep watch but the school here is one of the best in the region. She also likes it here.

Another difficulty is that we are a bit financially challenged right now. I took out a loan from the company but it has yet to appear in my bank account. I wonder how I'll manage if we need to admit her to hospital. Thank God for relatives.

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