Saturday, March 10, 2012

Blogger Stats

I'm trying to understand what these blogger stats are. This is the stats overview page. Obviously, I haven't been promoting my blog too much. I'll fix that but I find the stats a bit interesting.

This one's the traffic sources stats. Curiously, the referring site with the most traffic is a medical drugs website. It tried finding where in that site I could see my blog but I couldn't find it. How does this work?

This one's interesting as well. More people from Russia have read my blog than the US. And there's only one from the Philippines! The stats are not complete however. I've got 93 pageviews total but the states only show 18. I guess that's just the amount that the stats can handle.

I've been going back over my posts and I can see where I need to improve a little. I've recently been repeating myself in several posts and that means I'm not offering new content. I need better marketing too.

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