Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Alone with My Thoughts

I'm alone in the house. The wife went off to fetch our youngest from school because she's not comfortable with the little one going home after 5pm.

Things have not been good lately. Projects for my consultancy have dried up and money is in short supply (as in very short). We have to find a new source of income that can tide us over for the meantime.

I've got four sources of income at the moment: 1.) consultancy, 2.) writing books, 3.) conducting training seminars on public speaking, and 4.) working on a networking business. At this time none of those four are making any money.

The consultancy only runs when there are projects. Last year, I was occupied for almost the whole year. It was great. I was doing what I loved to do, the money wasn't bad, and I had something to occupy myself. Unfortunately, my partner used the money that was supposed to paid to me for the second project. He said, it was inadvertent because his daughter, who is the operations manager (sort of) of his company thought that the money that came into the bank was theirs, not mine. So, she used it. My partner apologized and said he was going to pay it in installments.

That's what he did but he only paid when I asked. Then, I learned that the last two projects that I did had not been billed. It takes the client three months to release the payment, which means I get nothing for the next month or two.

I still have a few things to be thankful for though.

We transferred our youngest daughter back to her old school and the president was so please with her entrance exam scores that he gave us a 25% discount. We saved around P10,000 in tuition.

The next blessing came from my son's school, which was a semi-government university. The government had decreed that tuition at all government schools would be free. So, instead of the P15,000 we usually pay for a semester, we only pay P800 a month, which comes out to around P4,000 per semester.

God is still looking after us.

I've been applying for online writing jobs, hoping someone would take me. I used to do this for a short time but had to stop because it was taking too much of my time. That was back when I was still working. Today, I'm not doing anything (work-wise that is) so I have lots of time in my hands. I'm not sure how I'll fare since I'm not very familiar with the jobs I applied for but I'll learn.

I've also been trying to sell ebooks as an affiliate for Smashwords.

I'm praying that God will turn things around for us. I believe He will. 😊

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