Friday, May 27, 2016


It was a story that had germinated in my mind for years. What if the Germans had successfully built a nuclear submarine back in World War II?

For submarines, staying underwater is safer than being on the surface, especially during war. For the German U-boats, the depths provided them with cover for attack as well as escape. So what advantage would a nuclear submarine have had for them? A submarine that doesn't need to surface or can at least stay underwater for long periods of time. Couple that with a silent propulsion engine and silent torpedoes and you have a weapon that would devastate the Allied merchant fleet as well as the American and British Navies.

I began writing the story in November 1, 2015 and finished May 19, 2016. It should have taken that long though. The gap between the last chapter and the previous one was five months. One reason was I had no idea how to end the story. My original ending was very different but I decided I didn't like it. The second was time (but that's not an excuse, I know). The result is an ending that was too abrupt.

If I ever decide to publish this story (as a free ebook), I'll need to make some changes. I'm not sure if a saboteur mouse would sit well with the readers. :-)

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