Sunday, July 1, 2012

My Book is Free!

From now until July 31, my book, Funny Stories from My Travels, can be downloaded for free at the  Smashwords website. Just visit the link and use the coupon code to be able to download the book at no cost.

The book is a collection of stories about my adventures during my travels to Singapore, India, Switzerland as well as my wanderings in and around the Philippines. It started out as a series of Facebook notes which gained a small following of readers. By the time the series ended, the idea to have the stories published had taken hold. I rewrote the stories, added a few more, proofread it about a dozen times, and finally uploaded it to Smashwords as an ebook.

This is my first attempt at writing and I've got three other books in the works. If you do decide to download the book, all I ask is that you leave a review at the bottom of the book's page. I hope you enjoy reading it.

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